Our Story

Founders Jay Jubeck and Dan Caraway

Founders Jay Jubeck and Dan Caraway

In 2012, we had a few years of home brewing experience, several good beer recipes and a unique vision for a vibrant social space, but very little startup capital. So, we decided to look to the community for support and launched a Kickstarter campaign in May 2013 to raise funds for the startup costs of what would become Dubuque's first craft brewery. 3 months, many tasting parties and community events later, the Kickstarter campaign was an incredible success: funding went $7,000 beyond our goal thanks to 175 backers from the Dubuque community and beyond. We were so thrilled!

Energized by this amazing show of support from the community, we went to work pulling together all of the equipment, licensing, permits and insurance required to run a commercial nano brewery. We knew the space and location would be very important to realizing our vision for the business. We eventually chose a gutted storefront in a historic building in downtown Dubuque that was being restored to the original exposed brick walls, tin ceiling, and wood floors. Within that shell, with the help of some generous and talented friends and family, we built almost everything ourselves including reclaimed wood bar and tables, custom back bar, and a custom 2 barrel brewing system.

Jubeck New World Brewing opened its doors in July 2014 with six beers on tap and a beer menu written on a flattened cardboard box. Despite our modest start, the enthusiastic and unflagging support of the community fueled the growth of the business and membership renewal funds were put straight towards important upgrades to our brewing system. In early 2015 we added to our team by hiring some amazing bartenders. These folks are now the faces of Jubeck New World Brewing and we feel so blessed to have them working with us. 

Today, we continue our commitment to providing a welcoming social space and to brewing consistently great beer while experimenting with new styles and recipes. Our customers tell us often how much they appreciate the unique atmosphere that’s been created here. With soft lighting, no TVs, and vintage tunes spinning on the record player, our tap room has become the perfect place to relax, unwind, and reawaken your senses to the taste and aromas of craft beer, the sounds of warm conversation, and the sight of friends old and new.


Here is a long, non-exhaustive list of people who contributed their time and talents to help us get our doors open. We will be forever grateful to each of you. 

P.S. Our memories aren’t so good these days. If you think you belong on this list, let us know!


Art Gumbo
funding our mash tun and Kickstarter video

Jerry Anderson of Bluff St. Brew Haus
technical expertise/moral support

Chuck Andracchio and Ali Levasseur

Dave Bunning
buildout help (flooring scraping)

Cindy Caraway
all the globes, second hand stools, and other decorations

Jordan Degree
Kickstarter strategy, equipment hauling

Adam Eikamp
our sign

Candace Eudaley
CSB concept

Peter Fraterdeus
letterpress coasters

Johnathan Gentry
buildout help (drywall, etc)

John Gronen
reclaimed maple flooring

Doug Herman

Kristine Jubeck
graphic design, original website and Kickstarter campaign marketing

Bill Jubeck
back bar

Tim Macnamara
reclaimed wood for bar and tables

Marty Mulcahey
buildout help (flooring scraping)

Bryce Parks, Mike Ironside and the 365ink crew
spreading the word during our Kickstarter campaign

Jeremy Rudd
our bar and tables

Bob Siegwarth
welding, fabrication for brewing equipment

Ivonne Simmonds
logo design

Jeff Stiles
buildout help (filling holes)

All the friends who held tasting parties during the Kickstarter campaign
Paul Opperman and Paula Connors
Holly and Michael Flood
Michael Loebach and Candace Eudaley
Tony Schmidt and Rachel Miller
Andy and Jenny Parker
Steve and Kelsey Anderson

Last but certainly not least, everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign