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American Ales

American Amber

We’d been brewing our English Pub Ale for a while when we decided to brew a more American version of an Amber ale. This beer is a bit bigger than the EPA, full of caramel malt character and balanced with a clean hop bitterness and a bit of citrusy hop aroma.

Apricot IPA

Take an American pale ale, add real apricots and continual-hopping, and you’ve got our Apricot IPA. This IPA is both imaginative and unique. Notes of stone fruit, pine, and citrus emerge from the American malt and the Magnum hop backbone. Low hop-bitterness and a medium body make this IPA a go-to choice for a change of pace or a first entry into the world of IPAs.

Black IPA

Piney, citrusy, dark, roasty and delicious!

Codfish Hollow Barnstormin’ Ale

In the spring of 2015 our friends at Codfish Hollow Barnstormers, our favorite music venue, began selling beer at their events. We decided to brew a special beer that would complement the experience of listening to great music in their beautiful barn in the heat of the Iowa summer. What we came up with is a very drinkable session pale ale full of citrusy hop flavor and aroma, with a mild, sweet malt character to balance out the hops and quench your thirst while barnstormin’.

Cold Brewed Coffee Brown

American Brown Ale brewed with pale chocolate malt and Jitterz coffee.

Creamy Vanilla Ale

Cream Ale brewed with real vanilla beans. Smooth, mild, sweet, with crisp vanilla finish.

Double IPA

Full bodied yet bright and juicy with notes of citrus and tropical fruit .


This hazy IPA takes its name from the flight regulation for low-visibility flying: Instrument Flight Rules. Oat and wheat additions give this American IPA its cloudy appearance and rich mouthfeel. An abundant addition of mosaic and azacca hops gives this beer a juicy element and adds floral notes and flavors of grapefruit. If haze and juice are your favorite words related to IPAs, this beer is a solid choice.

Iowa Street Pale Ale

As home brewers we’d brewed many pale ale recipes over the years … but as we started to solidify some recipes in preparation for our Kickstarter campaign the idea for the Iowa St. Pale Ale came together. We wanted to create a highly sessionable pale ale with a relatively low hop bitterness and a load of hoppy aroma and flavor. A combination of citrusy American hops and the addition of a little corn for sweetness makes this pale ale a very well-balanced beer that has something for hop-heads and craft beer novices alike.

Jubeck Blond

Jubeck Blond was born from a desire to provide some of the first customers of the brewery with an easy-drinking, accessible beer. At its heart, Jubeck Blond is a cream ale, though we like to think of it as an American pub ale. A hefty addition of pale ale malt created a glowing golden color for this clean, light-bodied, low-bitterness ale. This beer is the perfect selection if you seek a crisp, refreshing beer in the summer; its low ABV makes it a reliable, lager-esque go-to for all occasions.

Lavender Honey Wheat

Our Lavender Honey Wheat goes all the way back to Jay’s homebrewing days. This beer takes a wheat base and adds locally sourced honey and lavender to create a medium-bodied, low- bitterness American ale. The honey adds depth to the mouthfeel while the lavender lingers on the nose. The aroma and finish bring out elements reminiscent of freshly brewed tea. While the ingredients may seem extravagant, the popularity of this beer is a testament to its drinkability and rewarding flavor.

Red Line IPA

American Red IPA, balanced with NW hops.

Rye Pale Ale

Rye gives a spicy finish, balanced by caramel malt.

Sacred Bird IPA

Originally brewed for The Smokestack in Dubuque, this American IPA approaches the medium- to-high end of hoppiness. Bold Pacific-Northwest hops, such as Citra and Falconer’s Flight, give this IPA hints of grass, pine, and lemon. A clean, biting, bitter finish will satisfy anyone craving a bright IPA.

Tailwind Ale

Golden ale, toasty and sweet bready malt character, subtlety fruity hop notes, crisp finish.

Two Track Amber

American Amber with toast, nut, and chocolate notes.

Wet-Hop Chinook SMASH

American Pale Ale with 100% local Wosoba Farms Hops.

Belgian Ales

Belgian Rye Blond

Fruity, smooth, sweet, malty Belgian ale.

French Saison

Amber, fruity and spicy - soft maltiness.

Ginger Saison

French Saison - Amber with honey & fresh local ginger.

Jeremy's Folly

Belgian Dubbel - complex and rich - chocolate, caramel, fruit, spice and toasty notes.

Otto's Farmhouse

Farmhouse style ale with real gooseberries and fresh lemon balm.

British Ales

English Pub Ale

A mild ale full of toasty and nutty malt character. Balanced with floral and fruity golding hops, this beer is smooth and rich, yet quite sessionable.

ESB (Extra Special Bitter)

Medium bitterness and maltiness with caramel notes.

Maple Brown

English brown ale with local maple syrup.

Spruce Goose

English style pale ale with spruce tips.

Tiger Moth Mild

English Amber - mild, light body.

German Lagers & Ales


Altbier is our take on the traditional Dusseldorf Alt style. This medium-bodied, mild ale is bready, nutty, toasty, and well balanced. A heavy dose of Munich and pilsner malts provides a clean amber color, and magnum hops help turn this ale into a complex take on the German style. The low bitterness and dry finish make our Altbier a good choice whether you want a taste of the old-world or you’re just beginning your craft-beer journey.

California Lager

This beer is a light hybrid session beer of golden hue with a slight honey-like sweetness and a mild herbal hop character. It’s fermented with the famous “California lager” yeast for a smooth, crisp finish.

Copilot Pilsner

Bohemian style pilsner - german malt and hops - clean, malty and crisp.


A medium bodied, straw-colored ale with mild hop bitterness.


Märzen style amber lager - malty but not too sweet.

Vienna Lager

Crisp amber - malt forward, chocolate hints, dry finish.

Stouts & Other Dark Beers

Carnegie Stout

Inspired by oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and born out of collaboration with the Carnegie Stout Public Library, this mild stout leans towards a porter with its lighter body and ABV. Additions of oatmeal and wheat give this beer a silky mouthfeel and English yeast adds a touch of sweetness to the finish. Big chocolate flavors only help to make this a sessionable, smooth-drinking stout.

Jitterz Coffee Stout

It takes a lot of great coffee to make great beer! We choose to buy our coffee from Jitterz coffee and cafe, just down the street, so it was fitting that we collaborate on a beer together! This stout is rich and malty with notes of chocolate and roast, along with a smooth, creamy coffee finish.

Robust Porter

Upfront roastiness with a rich chocolate malt sweetness on the finish.

Warrior Stout

Warrior Stout is a not-quite-imperial take on a stout. We brew this beer with blackstrap molasses or hints of port, prune, and chocolate. This beer has a rich mouthfeel, strong body, and low bitterness. Aged on oak chips, Warrior Stout gains a roasty, slightly smoky flavor that builds its bold depth. The high ABV will warm you during cold Iowa winters and the sweet afternotes make it a good choice for a nightcap.

Everything Else

Cherry Sour

Berlinerweisse, barrel aged 1 year with hand-picked cherries.


Red IPA with beets, rum oak aged.

Rhubarb Wheat

American Wheat made with Bob's rhubarb.