What other things can I see in easy walking distance in your neighborhood?
In the immediate area we've got:

  • Other food and drink establishments like Jitterz Coffee and Cafe, L.May Eatery, Salsa's Mexican Restaurant, The Food Store, and Mario's Italian Restarante.
  • Some fun shops, including River Lights Bookstore, Freddie's Popcorn, Bicycle World, and Yarn Soup.
  • Other cool things like the Carnegie Stout Public Library, W.11th Elevator Staircase and Overlook, and the Farmer’s Market on Iowa Street on Saturday mornings in the summer or on Central Avenue in the winter.

What breweries have been most influential in the development of your recipes and styles?
There are countless breweries that have influenced us in one way or another, but some of our all time favorites are: Anchor brewing, Sierra Nevada, New Glarus, Dogfish Head, Bell's, Samuel Smith, & Fuller's.

What's the future of Jubeck look like? A new location, larger scale operation?
The future of Jubeck New World Brewing is unknown at this time. I can’t say exactly what direction we’ll go at this point, but I will say that we’re seriously considering endeavors such as:

  • Limited bottling
  • Distributing kegs to local restaurants and bars
  • Expanding our physical location
  • Increasing hours of operation
  • Opening a kitchen

All of which would mean adding members to our team. We appreciate your continued feedback as to what your wishes are because our customers’ desires are important to us and help us decide how best to serve our community.

Do you have any gluten free options?
We almost always have Sutliff Hard Cider on tap, which is GF. We frequently brew beers with the use of clairityferm (an enzyme that reduces gluten levels in traditional barley malt-based beers to a level that is acceptable for some with gluten intolerance issues). While these are not actually GF beers, they seem to be acceptable to many of our patrons who have gluten sensitivity issues.

Which of your vinyl records do you play most often?
This answer comes directly from Tim, our head bartender:

Angel Eyes, Best of Cannonball, Soulful Vibes, Music to Watch Girls By, Encores from Errol Garner, Concert by the Sea, our double Stan Getz album, Mame from Louie, both JD albums, String Along with Count Bassie...that kinda stuff bro.

Why did you choose that location?
We looked long and hard for a space that would allow us to operate the way we had planned and that would give us the opportunity to create a vibrant social space with a warm, inviting atmosphere. This space allowed for that. We also really liked the location, the building, and our landlord.

What are the member benefits?
Stay tuned for a full page on membership, but for now:

  • Discounted price on beer
  • Cool stuff like: flip-top glass growlers, glasses, T-shirts, Ceramic mug (for renewing members)
  • Invitation to special “Members Only” events
  • Member discount for merch and events - coming soon!

Why "New World" Brewing?
Deep question! We’ve always felt “new world” on a few levels: The way we started the business by crowdfunding and community support; our focus on staying true to our mission and operating a sustainable business instead of getting into debt to grow unnecessarily; and brewing beer with interesting ingredients and atypical processes/equipment. The interesting thing about this idea is that much of what we are considering “new” is actually very ancient, but has been forgotten or ignored in mainstream business and brewing.

“New World” also worked on a more superficial level of logo design and our aviation theme. 

When and how can you become a member?
Memberships begin January 1 and July 1. You can generally sign up at least 1 month before then and we leave membership enrollment open through the end of the first month. You can purchase a membership in person at the brewery tap room or through our website (only during open enrollment times). The best way to stay up to date is to sign up for our email list.

When will you have outdoor seating?
We’ve tried. The city code doesn’t allow sidewalk cafes for a business like ours. From what we’ve gathered, it’s only allowed for restaurants, where at least 50% of sales come from food. So, if/when we decide to open a kitchen/restaurant… maybe.

Why the potato sacks?
First of all, they’re coffee sacks and grain sacks! We put those up shortly after we opened to help absorb sound as our space gets a little noisy when we’re busy. I think we’ve all gotten used to it now, so we’ve taken some of them down.

In choosing and coming up with new beers to make, is your creative process collaborative or does one just say he wants to make something and does? 
Both! Sometimes we collaborate (often, we collaborate with others, too – homebrewers, other craft brewers, and culinary experts) and sometimes we fly solo.

What is the history of the building that Jubeck New World Brewery resides?
We’re told it was originally a department store, but it has also housed a Maid-Rite restaurant, and formerly it was “Asian Gourmet” restaurant and grocery--our space was the grocery part.